Saturday, May 23, 2009

Film Festival

From January 15th to January 19th in 1990 a "Prakash Jha Film Festival"was organized by Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur in Jamshedpur. A state level work shop was part of that "Film Festival" and was conducted by Mr. Prakash Jha him self and a professor of Pune Film Institute Mrs. Gayatri Chatterji.
Prakash Jha and Lallan Prasad Thakur

Prakash Jha and Lallan Pd. Thakur
Lallan Prasad Thakur and Rusi Modi

Rusi Modi(Then Managing Director & Chairman Tata Steel)Prakash Jha &;Lallan Pd. Thakur

Rusi Modi

Prakash Jha
Lallan Prasad Thakur Prakash Jha Bhaskar &;Kusum Thakur

LPT & KT With Prakash Jha and Ajit Jha

Inauguration Of Film Festival

Mr. Prakash Jha On Camera
Mr. Prakash Jha during Workshop on Films and Television 
Mr. Prakash Jha With Camera During Work Shop
Mr. B.m.Choudhary Mr. Vandrevalla Mrs. Daisy Irani Mrs Gayatri Chatterji & Mr. Prakash Jha 
Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur 

Mr. Vandrevalla
Mrs. Daisy I rani

Mrs. Gayatri Chatterji
Mr. Prakash Jha
Distribution Of Certificates To Participants

BMC Puttu Prakash Ji LPT In Agrico House
Prakash Jha Lallan Prasad Thakur with Mithilakshar Members In Front Of My House

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