Friday, March 13, 2009

Katha Madhopur Ki

Prakash Jha & Lallan Prasad Thakur

Baklel was staged in New Delhi and was awarded maximum prizes in International Maithili Drama competition. It broke all the previous record of the Maithili Drama competition. Mr. Prakash Jha was one of the judge. He liked the drama very much and on the stage he asked for the address and phone number from Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur.

After few months Mr. Prakash Jha called on phone to Mr. Lallan Prasad Thakur and told him that he was going to make a featurette film, so he wanted Mr. Thakur to come to Patna. That time Mr. Prakash Jha was in Patna. So, Mr. Thakur went to meet him in Patna and after three days he came back. Mr. Prakash Jha had given him the main role of a vilain in that film and told him to come back as soon as possible after taking at least one months leave because he has to be there with him in the interview of the artists, which Mr. Prakash Jha had to select for that film.

Mr. Thakur applied for one month leave and was sanctioned. So, after a week he again went Patna and had called Mr. G. Vishwanathan and Sudhir Mishra, both were his drama artists for that film after a week. After one week the whole "Katha Madhopur Ki"team was on the location for shooting in May 1988. G.Vishwanath and Sudhir Mishra both are also in that film. After few weeks my children had vacation, so I also went to see the shooting. The shooting of that film was completed in a month but the other technical part of the film took few months. The film was released in September, I was also present on the release of "Katha Madhopur Ki"and witnessed the film. On Gandhi Jayanti it was released for TV on Doordarshan channel.

I still have the copy of that film inform of DVD . I have watched that film several times but still like to watch it.

Monday, March 2, 2009



Lallan Prasad Thakur was the second son of Shrimati Subhadra Devi and Shri Hiranand Thakur of village Samaul, Madhubani. He was born on 5th February 1951 and that day was Naraknivaran Chaturdashi. That is "Lord Shankar's" birtday.

He use to take part in cultural activities since his childhood. He did his higher secondary from Watson High School, Madhubani, after that he joined Muzaffarpur Institute Of Technology and did his engineering(civil) from there in 1975. In his first year he became the cultural secretory of his college and organized several programs for his college as well as he took part in the programs too. From second year till final year he was the general secretory of the student union of his college. After completing his engineering he joined Ganga Bridge Project Patna but he resigned it in 1977 and joined Tata Steel as a project engineer and was there till 1995.

He was an engineer but he had a good command over English and wanted to do his masters in English but that dream was not fulfilled. Drama was his passion and wrote script of several dramas in Maithili and Hindi which are very popular. All his Maithili dramas are played several times in Madhubani and in the villages near Madhubani. Even now it is played during Durga Pooja. His popular dramas in Maithili are:" Badka Saheb", "Mister Nilokaka", "Longia Mirchai", "Baklel" and "Aadi Wa Ant". Badka saheb is his first Maithili drama but the most popular drama is "Mister Nilo Kaka". He got several prizes in the "International Maithili Drama Competition" for acting, directing, script writing etc.

He has also written a Hindi "Novel called Sooni Sadak" and "Haveli Ram".

He has written safety slogans, poems, songs, and gazals in Hindi and Maithili too. Some of his songs and Maithili kawalies are very popular. His letters to his dear ones and friends are also very popular amongst his friends and family members. The first letter he wrote to his elder son is also in form of poem. Over all he was a versatile personality.