Sunday, April 5, 2009

Encouragement Of My Talent

If ever I do any of my artwork ....or even think about it , LPT is always there in my mind , who always encouraged me and supported my talent of painting or creativity !!!
He used to say that this is your inborn talent ..don't let it go in vein !!!

I was very small ...when I used to just scribble , not so called art ....just merely make someone's face ...and stick that on the wall or show to LPT !!! He would certainly appreciate !!! And that used to be my WOW moment !!! Would ask so many questions , and even give me ideas .
He used to tell me that ...Binny I know you are good artist, but if you can make Vidyapati's portrait would be very nice .And he helped me in finding the right picture of Vidyapati .
So I made Vidyapati's portrait during my summer vacation , thinking in my mind that I would gift to LPT , and I did . Just after couple of days later there was an announcement in the newspaper about ALL BIHAR OPEN ARTIST EXHIBITION .....and criteria of participation was original artwork and Three paintings within 15 days to be sumitted to Sri krishna Scince centre .I was excited but overwhelmed would it be possible in 15 days ???
And I got a call from him that Binny I hope you are going to participate , you must....its not necessary that everyone wins but you will learn a lot ??? My couple of paintings were ready to go ...but I myself was intrested in sending Vidyapati's portrait as well .So asked him if I can borrow that .

He said cerianly , but if you will win will make one more for me and ONE YEAR OF YOUR PAINTING SUPPLIES WOULD BE FREE FROM MY SIDE !!!
There was no decisions on the Painting competition so all my paintings are still with Bihar Govt , but I regret that I couldn't return my painting back to him , I borrowed making one again to give to Didi for him......